Michael Beri from Canada had his obsession triggered by a wander around a shopping mall about ten years ago whilst at high school. He came across a store selling some of the most creatively designed timepieces he had ever seen – he was instantly hooked and knew he had to get one. Being at high school he knew he could only afford one and was torn between three designs. He eventually decided to buy the Camera, which was to become his favourite possession.

He showed everyone his new watch and has made new friends by people asking him about it. In his first job interview, his soon to be boss asked at length about it – he’s not saying it helped get the job, but…he did. He promised himself that he would get the other two watches he had originally seen. His obsession took hold – he had to find those other watches.

His obsession took hold – he had to find those other watches. He is now the proud owner of 14 STORM wristwatches and one STORM pocket watch. They are his favourite things and wearing them always brings a smile to his face. He believes he has just tracked down one of the original three watches and is excitedly waiting for it to arrive – together with two others he could just not resist!

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