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About Time Chain

Co-Founder Steve Sun had always dreamt of moving to London and when the time finally came for him to spread his wings, his father wished him luck and presented him with a gift. Steve inherited a watch which had been passed down through the generations which he fondly named ‘Time Chain’ as it was a piece of history which had travelled through the family over a number of years. It was from this watch that the 'Time Chain' collection was born. Rewind back to 1986 when Time Chain first launched, husband and wife Steve Sun and Anna Lee, created a collection of classic, convenient watches for everyday use. This was a time when watches were an essential part of everyday life and functionality was key.

30 years on from the initial launch of Time Chain, Anna and Steve have decided to go back where it all began. Reviving these classic styles with a modern twist taking them to the present day, with consumers discovering the realisation that physical watches are still an essential requirement to everyday life despite the constant digital updates and fast paced lifestyle.

Reaching back to their roots, Steve who designs the collections has named their classic styles after iconic London areas, close to his heart; from the East End hangouts of Dalston and Homerton, to West End haunts like Marylebone and Bayswater, each Time Chain watch has its own signature style and face.

Simplicity at best, Time Chain’s minimal designs feature a colour palette of rose gold, silver, and gold faces, placed on leather and stainless steel mesh straps perfect for both men and women.

Our Vintage Styles

Vintage Styles

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