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Andy was given his first STORM watch the Nautica as a gift by a friend in the mid 1990's. Andy had never heard of STORM before so he didn't pay much attention to the gift! The first STORM watch he purchased was the Invada Square Limited Edition a few years later, and that's when his addiction started! Since then he’s been desperately trying to hunt down the more rarer models using the STORM collectors book as a reference (whilst keeping a watchful eye on new models) to add to his ever growing collection, which currently stands at 19, and includes the HMP, Turbine, Dyno, Astro, Camera and Rollernet to name but a few. As you can see from his pictures he also has a small collection of STORM Jewellery of which he is also a fan. His partner also has a small collection of watches and jewellery which she blames Andy for introducing her to theSTORM brand!

Andy says it’s hard to name his favourite watch, as this depends on his mood and the occasion, but whichever watch he wears it always manages to become the topic of conversation, especially the Synth or the Cosmo.

Andy has a list of watches he’d like to add to his collection, most of them are the rarer of the models, with the one that interests him the most being the Cybernault. He says finding one of these in mint condition is almost impossible! Some newer models like the Montecristo and Thunder are also models he would like add to his collection.

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