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Les Harding from Taunton had a fascination with STORM that started 16 years ago, so he is definitely one of the earliest collectors. He was intrigued by the designs and the fact that they seemed to be sold in small numbers for each model. As time went by, his collection grew and it gave him an idea. He wanted to start a business, so why not a store that specialised in collectables? He could then also sell STORM watches, which were still his passion. So he opened Limited Additions in 2001 and soon became a successful STORM independent stockist.

Les has a personal collection of over 80 models kept in a cabinet in his house. His first watches were Rainbow Lazer and the Enterprise although his favourite is the Tungsten, because it was issued in a very limited number of 300. His attention to detail means his particular quirk is hunting out the number 5 of each Limited Edition. Unfortunately his Enterprise was recently stolen, so his current mission is to find another to replace it!

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