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Martin was introduced to STORM watches by his wife who brought him his first STORMwatch the Invada. Martin confesses that he did not wear watches as they all looked the same so was thrilled with the uniqueness of the STORM watch brand. He loved his Invada watch so much that he swiftly went out and purchased a second one just in case the first got damaged. Martin feels that many watches look the same even if you spend over the odds on them they can still look the same as a watch which cost a fraction of the price, but nothing looks like a STORM watch.

From then Martin purchased the Filtron watch with its completely covered face so that it would withstand the knocks of every day life, from then he has collected over 20 watches including the most recent watch the Dual X.

Martin’s colleagues eagerly look every day to see which of his iconic watches he has chosen to wear, and he always chooses those watches which are hard to read such as the MK2 Circuit and the HMP to confuse his work mates!

With the imminent arrival of Martin’s second daughter his wife has put a temporary stop to him buying any more watches so he is desperately hinting for any STORM goodies for birthdays and Christmases.

Not only is Martin a great collector of STORM watches he is also has his own ideas about new and innovative designs for the STORM watches of the future including a watch which could store an removable USB stick. We will see what we can do Martin, until then keep your eye on our new collections.


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